How to Select Ski Holiday Accommodation for Winter Break?

With winter in full swing, snow piling up, it is time to plan ski trip with near ones or friends. It does not matter, if you are experienced racer or casual skier. There are lot of mountains offering challenging summits with extraordinary views to try.

Best winter vacation begins with great accommodation. For example, Bromont Mountain offers remarkable package of ski excursions. You can book an accommodation at hôtel ski Bromont, which boasts vast acres of terrain. You can ski and feast your eyes with celestial views around.

Types of ski accommodation

With different kinds of accommodations, it becomes challenging to select. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of ski chalets, apartments and hotels.

Basics of ski accommodations

What is ski chalet?

Self-catered chalet is a conventional wooden house that differs in terms of décor, furnishing, and style. It is one of its kinds with living area, equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms [1 to 7]. Some cottages interconnect to form large chalets. A few have wood burners and fireplaces. Sauna and Jacuzzis are certainly an appealing aspect of few log cabins.

Chalets are spacious and best for large group of friend and families. More privacy and independence as wood lodge is totally a separate structure built on its own ground. However, if you are a gym-goer then this is not your option.

What is ski apartment?

Set of rooms inside large hotel like building is a self-catered apartment. It includes living room, cooking facilities, washroom, and 1 to 7 bedrooms. Most of them are linked with hotel facilities like reception, gym, and swimming pool. Ski apartment luxury ranges from two to four stars. Differences include extra services like laundry, spa facilities, delivery service, and car parking.

The advantage of ski apartment is meal choosing flexibility. Cook own meals, whenever go out and enjoy the local cuisine. Privacy because bedrooms are separate from living space. You get access to the fitness rooms, ski lockers, and lounge areas. This is a suitable option for independent skier, couples, groups and families.

What is ski hotel?

Hotels are designed for true mountain hospitality. Room can be booked on B&B or half board basis. Hotels range from 3 to 5 stars but majority of ski hotels display lounge areas. Some high rated hotels include restaurants serving the local cuisines ad indoor leisure facilities.

If you wish to enjoy the vacation or a holiday from kitchen duties then this is a great option. You can enjoy the evening entertainment and this is the most cost-effective alternative in comparison. However, lack of private communal space within hotel room is a small disadvantage.

In the end, everything comes to your preference and budget.