Some Hot Picks Islands In South America- Explore With Your Family And Dog

When it comes to islands some of the best isles are grouped in Latin America. If you’re a passionate traveler and eager to know more and explore more- then islands in South America must be your hot picks. In this article we will travel some of the most extravagant and lush isles across this continent where you can explore with your family, loved ones and of course your dog. From a cultural heritage to magnificent geographic marvels, South America is no less in competition among the best destinations in the world. Argentina, Brazil, Chile etc. All you need to do is to find the pet-friendly isles or beaches as well as the accommodations if you’re taking your dog for the vacation. Shop the essential travel gears at for your canine.

Few of the ideal island getaways in South America are:

Cagarras Islands

This island of South America is located at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This place is becoming popular among travelers, who are passionate to experience wild life beach and those who care for unhinged parties all throughout the night, by a bonfire. This is the ideal place to enjoy the gala time with your dog and if the family is accompanying you. This uninhabited archipelago is a secret of Rio that is only three miles away the famous Ipanema Beach. Those who pick this place to travel prefer for scuba diving and swimming as a part of their beach activities. Take your dog for a sea surfing or for different beach activities which he/she might enjoy. Excellent sea food is also available here. Marina da Glòria, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Copacabana Beach are some of the greatest attractions here in this island in South America.

Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego

 Previously this island at Chile and Argentina was inhabited by native Yahgan Indians. To survive against all odds in nature, the natives used fire. They used to light up the campfire whole day long and when Europeans reached the island, they named it Tierra del Fuego or Land of Fire. This island is counted among the most significant islands at Chile and Argentina.

Falkland Islands

This Latin American island is located at Argentina another beautiful countries in this continent. This island is a lover’s paradise and can offer excellent getaway for families as well. Kids will love to see the penguins, albatrosses, seals, water elephants frolicking in these rocky beaches.

Explore the best of South American delights here in these marvelous islands with your canine and family.