Visit Australia: Top cities to visit in Australia

You may planning for Australia which is largest island of the world inhabiting great richness in aquatic resources and urban cities surrounded by Pacific and Indian Ocean. It is one of the most favorable destinations for tourism as well as living.  The varieties of wild fauna species like Kangaroo  and platypus  along with popular urban cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth etc; the wild rich flora and aquatic ecosystem, exotic beaches and numerous other factors which make it perfect destination for travelling.  The best time to visit Sydney the capital city of Australia is nearly similar to Australia and is depending upon your interest; however the two seasons are simply lovely and pleasant to visit that is September to November as spring and March to May as autumn. You can also travel in winters there as in month of June to August which is not very freezing or cold and best if you enjoy winters. Rest December to February is summer there.

Top Three Cities to explore


Sydney is one of the popular and largest city of Australia and capital of New South Wales which is known for Sydney opera house. You cannot resist yourself praising the great architecture and infrastructure of opera house which consist of theaters, exhibition rooms, cinema hall, concert hall, restaurants and other entertainment sources. Then visit those European settlement Sydney harbor say Rocks. You should also visit darling harbor, Sydney harbor bridge, Queen Victoria building, King cross, numerous Sydney‘s exotic beaches and so on.


Melbourne is called the city of all seasons where you visit the place with pleasant climate all the time. The city is located at banks of Yarra River and popularly known for its skyline buildings, goldfields and other urban city lifestyle. The world famous Melbourne Cricket ground also there numerous epic matches of cricket, footballs and other games happened. There is Federation square building which is often starting and common name in any Melbourne tour which has amazing architecture and design hosting more than 2000 events every year along with biggest free Wi-Fi network. Then , you can visit Royal Botanic garden, Melbourne zoo, Yarra River cruise, Eureka Tower and National Gallery of Victoria.


Perth is one those popular cities of Australia considered best for tourism and living as well. It is largest city of Western Australia with great beaches. It is perfect holiday for families as you will find destinations like Perth zoo, Swan bell tower, The nostalgia box, Kings park and botanical garden ,SciTech discovery center and  so others.