Basics on Movavi Photo Editor for Mac


 If you travel a lot, you are likely to take a lot of photos of the scenery of the interesting places that you want to go such as landscape, restaurants, shopping malls, national park and etc. You will take photos with your family members or friends to keep as memory keepsake during the trip. If you like taking photos, it is necessary for you to install a photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor for Mac.  Movavi Photo Editor for Mac comes with features that most people will need to use when they want to make their photos look more professional.

You can add text to the photo and format the text in any way you want. You can crop the photo so that the photo look smaller. The crop tool is ideal for you to crop off additional area of the photo so that it look more professional. It can also be used to crop areas that contain objects that you don’t want to show people. You can rotate a photo in 4 degrees.

The photos can be flipped horizontally or vertically if you shoot the photos in the wrong position. It offers a large collection of effects for you to use when you edit photos on Mac. It also provide you with the option to adjust the quality of the photo so that it looks nicer. You can zoom into the photos by dragging the bar at the bottom. The resolution of the photo can also be found at the bottom of the photo editor software.

Most of the time, there will be some flaws that you wish you could erase to make the photos look nicer before putting them in your photo album. There may be something that you don’t want to let people see before sharing with others. If the photo is not perfect, you don’t have to keep it in your digital camera archive and not use it. The photo will become usable once you use Movavi Photo Editor to edit out the unwanted details. Movavi Photo Editor provides an object removal tool to enable you to erase these unwanted details without leaving a single trace. Once erased, no one will know that there was an object in the area.

The object removal tool is very easy to use and not as time consuming as the clone stamp tool which you often see in more complex photo editing software. Under the Object Removal tab, you must click the first brush button and adjust the brush size before marking the unwanted object with it. Once you have marked the unwanted object, you must click on the eraser button, which is the fourth button in the Object Removal tab. Finally, you must click on the Start Erasing button to have the unwanted object erased away.

The background removal tool in Movavi Photo Editor allows you to swap your original background with a new background. The background removal tool work for removing background that is simple and moderately complex. The empty area where the background is removed can be refilled with a photo that you choose from your computer hard drive.